Dear Professor Blackstone
I am Jerome Tay, and this is my introduction letter. I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in information technology (solutions development) in 2015. I have decided to take on the engineering path after the completion of my diploma as I wanted something more practical, hands on and ultimately, to be able to contribute back to the society with a greater impact. Thus, I have chosen to pursue a degree in sustainable infrastructure engineering (land) in Singapore Institute of Technology.
Strengths My strengths are, firstly, being able to analyse and understand messages are being delivered. This is a skill that I believe it is important to hone as messages are part of our everyday lives and it comes in many forms. Secondly, I am also a good listener, as I strongly believe that one would not be able truly understand the message of the other party unless one is a good listener, let alone be someone who is giving advice.
Weaknesses My weaknesses are,…